This project has benefitted from the generous support of the Mellon New Directions Fellowship, the National Humanities Center, Duke University, and Harvard University.

My own spatial reasoning derives from my association with some remarkable collectives, to whom I am deeply grateful: fellow participants in the Counter-Mapping Workshop at UNC, Chapel Hill, in 2011-12, especially Pavithra Vasudevan and Tim Stallman; the staff at the Harvard University Center for Geographic Analysis, especially Jeff Blossom, Peter Bol, and Kirk Goldsberry; Richard White and Zephyr Frank of Stanford University’s Spatial History Project; Tim Watson, Ashli White, Kate Ramsey, and the other participants of the Atlantic Geographies Seminar held at University of Miami, 14-15 May 2012; and most importantly, David Heyman, Ben Sheesley, and Andy Woodruff at Axis Maps.

I also thank the following individuals, who have inspired or aided this project in various and important ways: Trevor Burnard, Jeffrey Caldwell, Laurent Dubois, Katharine Gerbner, Steven Hahn, Rebecca Ladbury, Cory Paulsen, Marcus Rediker, Rachel St. John, Ajantha Subramanian, Scott Walker, Ben Weber, David Wells, and Jeremy Zallen.